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Carloforte and Isola di San Pietro, Sardinia.

Carloforte e l'Isola di San Pietro

We are located in Carloforte, a lovely town part of a gorgeous little island in the beautiful Sardinian scenery. Our estate agency is sited in the town centre, in the Carlo Emanuele Square at n. 21, first floor.

About the Isola di San Pietro

It was conquered in 1738 by a group of people coming from the Liguria region, coral fishermen originally from a Tunisian island called Tabarka.

At the present time, the spoken dialect is still the one from Liguria and our traditions are very different from those of the mother island. Our local culinary specialties are born from a mixture between Liguria, Mediterranean and north-African traditions; our most famous dish is called Cashcà, a variation of the Tunisian couscous.

We still practice tuna fishing and have our fishermen prepare the tuna nets during spring. The tuna from Carloforte is particularly tasty, it is caught around May and is one typical dish of our culinary

The weather here is quite warm all year round and it is not rare in the middle of winter to still have more than a few fabulous sunny days.

As for the rest of Sardinian coast, the Isola di San Pietro is particularly windy, this makes it a real paradise for sailing lovers. The east coast is dotted with tiny sandy beaches while in the north-west coast, huge cliffs drop sheer to the sea. The sea water is extremely clear and is of a marvellous emerald-green.

In the internal landscape we find typical Mediterranean scrub. During your long country side walks, you’ll be able to enjoy the wild rosemary scent and the rest of the aromatic herbs. Many the Aleppo pine forests.

If you want to get closer to nature you can visit our LIPU protected area, where the Falco eleonorae (Eleonora’s falcon), named after Eleonor of Arborea, and other species of rare birds come to nest, giving to our little corner of paradise an international exposure. The old saltmine, located opposite to the town of Carloforte, are the natural habitat to the most diverse waterbirds species, in particular we host a full colony of pink flamingos.

These and other features make our island a location to fit every traveller’s need.

Even though August is usually the busiest month of the year, it is also true the quietness lovers can come over in May, June and September, months when you can still enjoy the amazing landscape and warm weather, far away from the urban stress.

For further information on the period that more suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. is the website you should visit if you want a more detailed description of Carloforte and what the area has to offer.


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